Shaffer Family Farms

We grow family, friends, and high quality crops.

Welcome to the farm

Our Vision

Shaffer Family Farms is a family-oriented farm operation founded on: honesty, integrity, hard work, and a commitment to agriculture. We are dedicated to integrating new technologies to improve productivity and profitability, maintaining and improving the land, developing strong family relationships, educating others about agriculture, and strengthening our community.

2022 Produce season

We are excited to announce that we will, once again, be offering another option for you to enjoy our yummy produce. During the 2022 harvest season, customers can choose to sign up for one of our CSA boxes!  Click below to learn more!

Our Story

Shaffer Family Farms began selling produce in 2000. At the time, all of our children were home and we wanted to provide them with an opportunity to learn to work hard and earn their own money. 

We planted a few rows of sweet corn and the kids picked it fresh, every morning, using the 4-wheeler and a little wagon they pulled behind it. 

They sold their corn using an honor box system for $1.00/dozen that first year. By the end of the year, they’d each had earned enough money to purchase their own snow skis…which they proudly did…all in one dollar bills.

Boy! Times have sure changed around here! However, some things remain the same….hard work, great employees, and a desire to continue to improve and share our yummy produce with more customers.

Right in the middle of our busy produce season; it's time to cut grain and bale straw.