Grandma Dahle’s Chocolate Popcorn

To know her was to love her. Iola Dahle was an amazing lady, an extraordinary cook, a meticulous gardener, and…most importantly…the farmer’s grandma. When Brent looks back on his childhood, his memories of Sundays at Grandma’s house are some of his favorites. Grandma Dahle always thought of the children and tried to make each visit …

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Spotlight: Blaine Rhodes (and Blaine’s Banana Bread)

Around here, we can’t begin to think about National Banana Bread Day without thinking about our wonderful neighbor, Blaine Rhodes. This young man (he’s only 93!), has single handedly kept our neighborhood supplied with banana bread for years. He’s turned banana bread haters into banana bread lovers. His bread has brought smiles to hangry children …

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Pumpkin Pie

Here’s the deal. Some of us around here weren’t real big fans of pumpkin pie…UNTIL we tried using our own pumpkin (straight from the patch) in place of the canned, store bought variety. Who knew that would make all the difference? Now we make sure we keep plenty of our harvested sugar pumpkin in the …

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Whitney’s Pie Crust

Around our house, we call this pie crust recipe, “Whitney’s,” because when she was just ten years old, she whipped up an apple pie for the Box Elder County Fair and won SWEEPSTAKES in the open class event. (This means her pie topped all of the little old ladies’ pies!) We’ve used this recipe successfully …

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Apple Pie Filling

A favorite neighbor, Kiyo Fukui, shared this recipe with us. There is absolutely no comparison between this recipe and the apple pie filling you can buy in a can. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!